Poster Abstract Submission

About the Poster Abstract Submission Process for the

Transforming Undergraduate Education in Biology: Mobilizing the Community for Change Conference

Abstract Deadline is July 7, 2009

Registrants for the Transforming Undergraduate Education in Biology: Mobilizing the Community for Changeconference will receive an email with a link to the poster abstract submission tool. If you are registered for the conference and have not received this email, please e-mail Donna Behar,

The goal of this conference is to mobilize people to focus on undergraduate biology education by engaging them in shared, directed, provocative, and ongoing discussions that lead to action in the immediate future. Towards this end, we are seeking posters that highlight new and existing approaches, projects, and resources for effecting change in undergraduate education in biology, including departmental and institutional change efforts.

Since the conference will include working group sessions and not workshop presentations, we strongly encourage you to participate in the poster session. The poster session is viewed as a way to network and find out what others are doing and to make connections with others based on disciplinary and cross-disciplinary interests and on their approaches to changing undergraduate biology education.

The information requested in the abstract submission tool is needed to be sure that there will be some common and unifying format for anything we might publish later. Poster size must be no more than 4 feet by 4 feet.

The poster abstract submission deadline is July 7, 2009.

The online abstract submission tool has several features:

***Required fields, indicated by a red asterisk mark. If you are having trouble clicking to the next page, make sure you have entered information in all required fields.

***A required CAPTCHA for security reasons. The CAPTCHA is distorted characters or text at the bottom of the third page of the submission tool. You must enter the CAPTCHA to complete the abstract submission process.

***An automatic email notification that your submission has been received, including the text of your abstract.

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