PULSE: Organizing to Catalyze Change

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Title of Abstract: PULSE: Organizing to Catalyze Change

Name of Author: Akif Uzman
Author Company or Institution: University of Houston-Downtown
Author Title: Interim Dean
PULSE Fellow: No
Applicable Courses: All Biological Sciences Courses
Course Levels: Departmental - Institutional development
Approaches: Mixed Approach
Keywords: PULSE Departmental-transformation Rubrics Certification Workshops

Name, Title, and Institution of Author(s): Teresa Balser, University of Florida Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, Kingsborough Community College Kate Marley, Doane College

Goals and intended outcomes of the project or effort, in the context of the Vision and Change report and recommendations: Provide mechanisms and tools for departments to institutionalize the principles of Vision and Change. The Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE) is a collaborative effort of the HHMI, NIGMS, and NSF to help catalyze institutional change in undergraduate STEM education. Through a national call of departmental leaders, PULSE selected 40 Vision and Change Leadership Fellows from a pool of 350 applicants. The Vision and Change Leadership Fellows, which include departmental leaders from all institution types, were given an eleven-month charge to develop strategies that had the potential to catalyze national implementation of the recommendations from the Vision and Change report* across the full spectrum of post-secondary educational institutions. The Fellows originally formed four working groups, which then rearranged and coalesced around emerging products during the course of their work over the 10 months. In this poster we highlight the challenges, goals, and broad activities of the Vision & Change Fellows.

Describe the methods and strategies that you are using: 1. Dissemination of V&C Fellows Rubrics for departmental transformation 2. Ambassador site visits to advise on departmental and institutional transformation 3. LEEDS-style certification process 4. Workshops and online resources 5. PULSE Community website as a portal for discussion and communication of information about resources, challenges, and success stories.

Describe the evaluation methods that you used (or intended to use) to determine whether the project or effort achieved the desired goals and outcomes: 1. Monitoring the number of departments using the V&C Fellows Rubrics. 2. Monitoring the progression of departments seeking certification (based on the V&C Fellows Rubrics) 3. Monitoring the progression of departments along a change of transformation as defined by the V&C Fellows Rubrics.

Impacts of project or effort on students, fellow faculty, department or institution. If no time to have an impact, anticipated impacts: We anticipate developing a culture of continuous improvement at the departmental and institutional level.

Describe any unexpected challenges you encountered and your methods for dealing with them: PULSE required 40 nationally disperse department leaders to interact and work together in a virtual environment across 10+ months, which created communication challenges during project development as each subgroup contained about 10 members. Through generous funding from HHMI and NSF the subgroups had the opportunity to interact and work face-to-face to handle complex issues.

Describe your completed dissemination activities and your plans for continuing dissemination: PULSE website contains links to the V&C Fellows Rubrics, online resources, and a social website for communication among all PULSE Community members

Acknowledgements: We thank the PULSE Steering Committee (Judy Verbeke and Chuck Sullivan, NSF; David Asai and Cynthia Bauerle, HHMI; Shiva Singh and Shawn Drew Gaillard, NIGMS) , PULSE Mentors (Richard Cyr, Penn State; David Ribble, Trinity University; Susan Singer, Carleton College), our 40 fellow Vision & Change Leadership Fellows, HHMI, NIGMS, NSF, Susan Musante (AIBS), Doane College, Kingsborough Community College, University of Florida, and the University of Houston-Downtown for encouragement, patience, and steadfast support.