2013 Conference Materials

Conference Program Book

2013 Vision and Change Conference Program Book

Working Group Presentations

How to Lead Change
How to Help Faculty (Including all Instructional Staff) and Act as Agents of Change
How to Change the Student Experience
How to Build Networks for Change
How to Amass Evidence (Evaluation) of Change and Its Effects

Plenary Session Presentations

Yolanda George, AAAS
Muquarrab Quereshi, USDA/NIFA
Charlotte Baer, USDA/NIFA
Sylvia Hurtado, UCLA
Thomas LeBlanc, University of Miami
Mary Ann Rankin, University of Maryland, College Park
James Collins, Arizona State University
Muriel Poston, Pitzer College and Maria Elena Zavala, California State University, Northbridge
PULSE Project Update
Robin Wright, University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences